US Lacrosse ID Info

Updated Monday December 18, 2017 by Matthew Graham.

A US Lacrosse ID is required to participate in Westview Youth Lacrosse.  ALL PLAYERS AND COACHES for grades 3/4 and higher will have to renew the ID each year.  It's a good idea to obtain/renew the ID now and make a note of it.  This will save time during the registration steps.

Here are a few tips that will help you find or create your US Lacrosse ID:

  • The ID has a total of 12 digits (000001234567) and you must input the zeros.
  • RENEW or JOIN for the first time using THIS LINK
  • If you've already joined or renewed for the current season and just need to lookup an ID number, use THIS LINK
  • There is a $30 fee to join/renew that is separate from Westview's registration fee 
  • Parents are NOT required to obtain a US Lacrosse ID unless coaching