Summer Camp

At a summer lacrosse camp is a great way to spend a day!

Updated Wednesday May 8, 2019 by Andy Klumpp.

Boys Summer Lacrosse Camps (and Similar)

The best way to get good at lacrosse is to play lots of lacrosse and going to a summer camp is a great way to do so. Here is a short list of available camps, though a quick google search will show a lot more opportunities.

OES Day Camp. This has been a fantastic lacrosse camp for practically forever. My own sons went to this camp and I continue to hear great things about it.  Anything done by/at OES is going to be excellent.

Dates.  June 24-28

West Hills Lacrosse Outdoor Box at THPRD.  West Hills Lacrosse is run by my friend Dave Sanford. Dave has been a ‘heavy lifter’ in the lacrosse community for many years, having organized and run programs from youth rec, to college, to off-season select, to masters tournament teams.  Dave is a great instructor and always hires excellent staff so you cannot go wrong with anything that Dave does.

Dates. One day per week

Rhino Lacrosse Camps.  Rhino lacrosse was started by Ryan Powel (Syracuse #22) who is considered one of the best players to have ever played the game.  Ryan has deep roots in Oregon and having played for the Lumberjacks semi-pro team here and having started Rhino Lacrosse here.

Dates. June 17-20 (Beaverton)

Dates. July 15th - July 18th 2019 (Jesuit High School)

Dates. July 15th - July 18th 2019 (Bend)

Nike Lacrosse camp at Lakeridge.  I have no feedback on this camp, however it is being run by Frank Obiese who one of Lakeridge’s varsity coaches and was my two sons’ first ‘real’ lacrosse coach.  Frank is fantastic.  I attribute my families love for lacrosse to that first amazing experience that they had being coached by Frank.

Dates. June 24-26

West Linn Lacrosse Camps. Similar to the OES day camps, I have consistently heard good things about West Linn’s camps over the years.  It looks like they have spread out beyond West Linn this summer.

Dates.  July 29 – August 2. (West Linn)

Dates.  July 22-26. (Tigard)

Dates.  August 12-16 (Wilsonville)

GameBreaker at Lewis and Clark.  This one looks to be a good camp. It looks like they have both an overnight and a day option.

Dates. June 24-27

OSU Overnight Camp (Xcelerate Lacrosse). OSU has a strong connection with Westview with many of our players having played there.  Lots of Westview players have attended this camp and the feedback has been excellent.

Dates. July 14-18

LAXNW Lake Oswego Summer Day Camp. LAXNW is the most pupular off-season organization for Westview players offering summer camps, 'Rippers' select teams, and indoor leagues at our very own Indoor Goals.

June 17-20 (boys)

June 24-27 (girls)

Westview High School Summer Team.  (Rising freshman only.)  Our high school has a summer team that plays in a summer league and in various tournaments. See for more information.

THPRD Day Camp.  My sons did this camp a decade ago and it was not a great experience at the time. They played with tennis balls and no pads and most of the participants had no lacrosse experience.  However, one of our players is signed up to play so it will be interested to get an updated report on their summer day camp.