Westview Girls Program

Updated Tuesday February 5, 2019 by Jay Coalson.

The Westview Girls Program provides players the opportunity to learn and excel in the fast-paced and fun sport of lacrosse.  Not familar  with one of the fastest growing sports in the country?  Check out this great video.

  • Girls lacrosse is not a contact sport, hitting and blocking is not allowed.
  • Girls equipment includes a stick, protective goggles and a mouth guard (contact us if you need help procuring equipment) 
  • Grades Third and Fourth play 7 versus 7 with no goalie.
  • Grades Fifth through Eighth play 11 versus 11 with a goalie.

A Saturday only Coed program is available for First and Second grades (see Westview WildCubs).

Remember as your player is preparing for the upcoming season there are few things better than wall ball to get them back into playing form.  here is some information to help out with those wall ball workouts.